Monday, December 17, 2012


When X-man was a baby, he had a lot of funny onesies. He grew so terribly fast that he was only in 0-3 month clothing for around 6 weeks. But that's what happens when you come out over 10 lbs, right?

Anyway, I found a woman online and she made a small, decorative quilt for me to hang up on the wall. To this day, I have never hung that quilt. I've never found a modern looking rod system to put it up on. And it's a pretty awesome looking quilt.

As it turns out, my closet was getting full of race shirts I felt stupid wearing because I haven't been able to really run since Spring 2011. It made me feel terrible to look at them. So I got them together, along with a bunch of other t-shirts and outfits from MacTroll and X-man and set them in to the woman again. I was sad to learn, while she had the items for my quilt, that she was going to stop quilting after my project because she had a new full-time job.

But she totally rocked this quilt. It's a functional bed quilt, rather than a decorative one. But I love looking at all the pieces! (I don't sew, but I think it's awesome! So many memories.)

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