Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 1,001 Posts

Apparently yesterday was my 1,000th post and I missed it. Oops.

I never have been one for traditional anniversaries.

Today I had lunch with my child's principal when he came to speak at the Savoy Rotary Club. It was a lovely presentation, and it made me happy that he's the man with the plan in charge of my kiddo. It was also nice when he said he wasn't worried bout X-man. He'll be fine. I guess that means I can direct more attention back to myself and my marriage, right?

I have to admit to you, I'm tired. It's all I can do to keep my eyes open right now. Clearly my body isn't happy with the six hours of sleep it's been getting each night. It wants more.

I'll have to work on that.

I guess maybe the reason I didn't notice that it was the 1,001 entry, is that I don't have anything big and exciting to say. Sigh. I'll have to work on that.

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