Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's up?

No, I didn't participate in Walk to School Day. Why? Because when we went to the garage my right front tire was flat because of some random nail. Thankfully, MacTroll swapped cars with me and ran it up to Tire Barn to be swapped.

Yes, I'll get to see my college bestie Womanthatrolls this weekend. But it won't be at Carrie Fisher after all. It'll be at her mother's funeral on Saturday afternoon in Mendota. :-( She passed away at the VA hospital after a very, very long battle with emphysema. She was quite possibly the hardest working woman in all of history, but I know she was one of the best moms.

I took Maya to the vet for her annual check up. Besides having a yeast infection in her ear, she's fine. But I also picked up Nyssa's remains. So, we'll need to add her to the front garden with Riley and Looseyfur this week.

And, I'm sure by now you'll have learned that the chief at The Fruit passed away.

So I'm tired of the death and the crappy weirdness. I'd like it to stop now.

And in protest, I completely gave up meat and am now officially a vegetarian.

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