Friday, April 26, 2013

Same Old, Same Old

MacTroll and I ended up leaving X-man (who had a case of strep throat last week) with KTDID on Saturday and flying off to California to look at houses. We toured six. Online two looked very promising, and four looked -- okay. In the end, One looked awesome, one looked okay (but was in the our second choice school area versus the first choice) and the rest were ugly to meh.

So we put in on the first house we walked through, but there were many bids, and ours did not get chosen.

We're going to go back at the end of May with X-man to look again (unless, while Joel's there) he visits a house that he finds fantastic.

In other news, I've been weeding the gardens and mulching (per our buyers' request). We have to leave everything else as is, and I don't want to look at empty garden beds for the summer, so I put in some mixed wildflowers today.

Tomorrow I'm going to walk/run the 10k at the Illinois Marathon. I guess I should be getting to sleep very, very soon for it. My race starts at 7:40ish a.m. I'm just going to turn on a low week number of couch to 5k and do it 2-3 times, and consider it a good workout.

I also started to track my walks with Lily. Since my surgery, I haven't walked her as much as I used to. And I've been kind of lazy about taking care of my workouts, so she's got some extra weight. I have reduced her food, but we've also been out a few times doing my old short running path (around 3.5 miles), but at a walk. I found a new Dog Walking App and downloaded it. This way, I can track the mileage and speed, without using my Nike run app, to track my walking workout.

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