Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Lovely Letter...

Yesterday, we got a letter from Unit 4 telling us that X-man has been accepted to the gifted program. He did very well on all the tests they gave them.

Today, we sent the letter back declining. We were asked to say why, so I told them about our potential move to California, the fact that I don't like self-contained gifted programs and that we were very happy at Carrie Busey and didn't want to move.

When I went to volunteer at the library at the school this afternoon, I saw the principal. His first words were, "Did you check your mail?"

We were both very proud of X-man. So he's gifted and socially awkward. And in Mr. Scott's words, he just has different strengths than other kids. I wish it was that easy with other people. People recognize him as being different and they make comments or offer suggestions, and it's infuriating to me. Mostly because it's usually from a stranger...

Lately, I've been feeling boxed into the idea that we have to have some sort of diagnosis for him. That for some reason it will help him. But today, I'm bouncing back the other way. I guess we're still thinking about it.

As for the house... we are now on sale.

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