Thursday, February 28, 2013

Totally Worth the Money

Today, Blair and Scott from Picasso and Sons came to my house to do my pre-sell painting. I've used them three times prior and have loved them each time. They give me an honest estimate, they show up on time, they're communicative and they're amazing.

It took the two of them from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. going up and down ladders, mudding things down, making sure my old house paints from when we moved in were an actual match, but they got it done, and it was money well spent. They know what they're doing and it took them a full work day.

I am not the world's best painter, so we can estimate that it would have taken me five full working days and I would have done a mess of a job.

So, people who may buy my house this spring... if you're out there... be grateful. You got a first-class interior paint job. I left their name and number in the binder with the rest of the housing information.

Be wise, use Picasso and Sons. They're worth EVERY stinking penny.

As it is, my house should hit the market by Thursday. I'm both elated and in a state of panic. But, if I remember correctly, this is normal.

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