Friday, February 8, 2013

Four Minutes Before I Walk Out the Door

Life has returned to it's normal manic pace. I spend my days "off" teaching running from place to place. And honestly, since it gives me less time to live in my head, I've had less to blog about. For example, today is Friday. MacTroll returns from three days in NYC and two days in Austin by noon today. That will be lovely.

But basically, I've gone from getting X-man up and off to school, to throwing in some laundry, doing the dishes and putting some stuff to drop off at Goodwill in my car. Now I'm about to take Lily to doggie daycare and them I'm off to physical therapy (which has been ranging from a 75-minute to 2hour appointment lately) and then I'm having tea/coffee with my favorite Aunt T.

Hopefully, I'll be home in time to shower, switch out the laundry and meet up with MacTroll when he arrives. I also have to go to Meijer today, and work on doing some organizing/packing of both the garage (where we're going to start storing stuff we plan on taking to California with us) before I get X-man at 2:15 p.m. and we work on Valentine's and finishing is "Illustory" before his Occupational Therapist shows up at 4 p.m.

I was hoping to be more physical since I've been sick for the last three days with some kind of fever, chills and sore throat (I've sounded like a long-time smoker for three days). But I think it'll have to wait until at least Sunday. I'm usually running out of steam by 2 p.m. and no amount of Vitamin D supplements and Iron supplements seems to change that. Maybe I need to eat a lighter lunch and a heavier breakfast? Or maybe it's just SAD. :-)

Good luck to all the east coasters with their snow. I remember when we used to get the white stuff here. But after two years of pretty much nothing and our planned move to California, I'm likely to not see much of it again.

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