Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rain, rain... I get it. You're here to stay today.

Yesterday, I was feeling kind of yucky, so I decided to skip my cooking class at the Co-op and stay home and do yard work. I spent two hours outside cleaning up the front yard gardens. I have more work to do on them, but the Black Lace bush and Thyme bush got trimmed. All the dead ends from the sedum and hostas were removed from the prior year. I pushed around the soil and mulch. I dug up some grass that had grown into the garden beds and yanked all the dead weeds that I didn't get to in the fall due to surgery.

I'm annoyed that when they made the empty lots to continue our subdivision behind us, the vole population moved north toward the houses rather than south. So we have trails through our yard. The Terminex man came out, and he's not able to help me himself (because I guess they're ornamental annoying rodents versus structural), but he did tell me what I could do about them.

The yard looks better. But it doesn't look grand -- yet. Right now, it's warm outside. It's 45 degrees and it's pouring like some kind of early spring rain. Everywhere else in the country has heaps and heaps snow, but we have rain.

MacTroll and I also spent yesterday packing some things up and putting them out in the garage to continue getting the house ready to put on the market. We're cruising right along. I guess I'm mentally ready to go through it, but it feels like time is dragging its feet getting to the point where it's really going to happen.

But my brain hasn't been able to do much else besides focus on our big change and the stress of it, even though we're all looking forward to it. I'm nervous and I worry.

And the rain just makes me want to go back to sleep!

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