Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweetness of X

And no, I don't mean the drug. :-)

Today, X-man, MacTroll and I sat down with his new "Jedi Quest" assignments. He went from Padawan to a member of the Jedi Council in about 8 weeks. It was a good way to reinforce our talks about what are "expected behaviors" versus "unexpected behaviors."

So now we have a list of quests for him to go on. Tonight, he was coming up for rewards for each of the 8 levels. He came up with laser Tag with my dad, balloon jousting with three friends, having more books read to me at bedtime (but keeping my bedtime), playing tag with Mommy and Daddy, got to the Y to swim with one friend, and then he said he needed time to think of more. But he came back and said, "For the last one, I really want it to be unlimited Wii time after my homework's done but before bed for a week."

I'm kind of excited about most of his choices. He's never asked us to buy him anything, just to do things where we spend time with one another or spend time with friends.

I kind of love that about him.

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