Sunday, February 24, 2013

She Works Hard for a Living...

You know one of the most uncomfortable things anyone has ever said to me was to welcome me to the "Mommy Club" after X-man was born. It not only left a bad taste in my mouth, it made me vomit a little bit.

I hated the idea that now that I had given birth that there was a small, but loud, group of women who were all about the thrill and adventure of reproduction. Yuck. (Have I mentioned that I'm an introvert? So group activities are not really my thing.) Anyway, today was one of those days where I was able to exist without hearing my nickname "Mom" 5,002 times.

It was that way because my lovely spouse took X-man to the Children's Discovery Museum in Bloomington. I was alone for six hours, and I spent every moment of it doing housework (minus a few online communications during lunch and bathroom breaks).

The garage is now orderly. I managed to find takers for two of the three things I put up on Craigslist. I walked my dog. My garage is organized, washed down and swept clean, except for the area where the patio furniture is currently residing until the winter weather passes.

I even dropped off some things to a friend and another two bags and a box to the Savoy Goodwill drop off (the usual guy there fell down on ice at Parkland and is in a sling, so help him out a little for the next few days if you're going).

I cooked a crazy good dinner of roasted vegetables and orzo with chickpeas (never mind that my orzo had a best by date of 2012 -- Ssshhh), lit a fire in my fireplace (gotta use up that wood, right) and cracked open a bottle of wine (gotta drink that before we move, too). :-)

I haven't felt this -- efficient in a long, long time. Darn it. I really want a merit badge, but not for being a parent... I guess I want a homeowner merit badge. Think my realtor will make me one, if I ask her?

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