Monday, April 5, 2010

X-man and Orca Master's Good Friday

On Friday, X-man had his friend Orca Master over for the day. As it turns out daycares close for Good Friday, but lots of other businesses don't. So, we were happy to have a friend over for the day. X-man and Orca either get on like besties or they tend to fight like brothers. I was wondering which combo I'd get and I was pretty lucky that the "besties" never turned into "beasties."

Orca got there at 7:30 a.m., so we had some banana pancakes, bacon and melon ready for him for breakfast. They watched some Scooby Doo while they ate and woke up. X-man even shared his blankies.

Then the boys got a big surprise. Bob the Builder visited with Scoop.

So we had to go outside in the sandbox and play with Scoop. 

For lunch we went to McDonald's. The boys ravaged the Play Place and then we headed off to the Sports Petting Zoo at one of the Champaign Rec Centers. Here they are eagerly awaiting the program's start. (The cashier at McDonald's thought they were twins...)

The first sport the boys learned about was fencing. The fencing club doesn't allow lessons until age 8 (gee, I wonder why. :-) But that didn't stop the boys from being pirates with foam swords.

Then they continued on to the Little Illini Soccer Clinic. Here the coach tries to teach the boys to put their hands behind their back and only use their feet. I'm not sure they're sold on that idea, but they did really like putting on the pennies.

By the time Dr. Dave came to pick Orca Master up at the Playground across the street. X-man was lying half on a slide, half on the ground in the toddler park telling people he was dead. And Orca Master was lying on one of the platforms moving bark around with his fingers. They were pretty wiped out. But it was very fun to have them for the day.

There were many awesome moments during the day. But my favorite was when X-man ran into a friend from school and introduced Orca as his best friend. He's never called anyone that before.

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