Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yup, new word in X-man's vocabulary. He blurted it out tonight when he wanted to talk to his father, but his father wasn't picking up his phone. Where did he learn it?

I'm going to guess he learned it the same way I learned it -- by watching his father play video games. :-) For being a pretty non-traditional family in so many ways, in others we're just devoted followers of those that came before us. Ah well, at least he used it correctly, right?

Oh, and X-man LOVES the U of I softball team. The games are only 7 innings (so he can make it through a whole game) and he got a free t-shirt, a free poster (that all the players signed after the game), free pizza after the game and the players talked with him... and he met an 11-year-old girl who said, "I like you. You're a cool kid." That had him beaming for an hour! "She likes me!"

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