Monday, March 29, 2010

Check, check and check!

Tomorrow, I'm taking my tri bike into a local bike shop to get them to look at it. They're going to set it up for me and fit me to it, which will be nice. Today, I road my Schwinn to weigh in and back. It's very comfortable, but not very speedy. I realized when I got there I had left my bike lock at home. Oh well. It was still there when I got back. :-)

I've been making a string of new dishes this week. Sunday was a bulgur salad as a side to a sweet vermouth ham. Tonight was Potato Gnocchi with a lemon/lime/shallot sauté over it and a white and green asparagus salad as a side. Tomorrow is Ma Po Tofu over brown rice. It has sirloin on it, which I find to be an interesting combination. So, we'll see how that goes. Then I'm done cooking for the rest of the week, which is fine, because we'll have some leftovers for lunches and such. 

The truth is that since I started cooking a month before maintenance (August 2009) I've only made 6 dishes twice. That means the 3-4 times I've been cooking dinner each week for the last 7 months, I've made something new pretty much every time. I've liked a lot of what I've made, but I'm still waiting for recipes to blow my doors off. 

Mmmm, casual cooking is a bit like casual sex in that way, I guess. But then again, how would I know that? Oh wait, I watch Grey's Anatomy...

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Lindsay said...

First, for some easy (healthy) recipes to add to your collection which I was impressed by:

Chicken w/leeks and white wine--very easy and very tasty. I made the lemon rice w/brown rice.

Also, pork tenderloin stuffed with spinach and goat cheese (I substituted low fat feta which worked great, and added some dried apricots and chicken broth to the stuffing for extra flavor and moisture).

Question for you--I need to buy a bike to pull the kiddos trailer. I was thinking of purchasing a Schwinn from Target as I think you mentioned doing. Do you think that will do the job, as well as provide me with a bike I can utilize for exercise (but not tris or racing)?