Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frenzy of Workouts

Today, I ran for 90 minutes. I went just over 8 miles. I had to do it at the Savoy Rec Center. Okay, I didn't have to, but the wind and the cold rain made me think that running 8 miles on a gerbil track seemed way more enjoyable than shivering to the bone running around outside against a 40mph wet wind.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get on my tri bike for the first time and ride it to the pool, do a 40-minute swim and then ride home. I'm kind of excited about it. It's going to be cool (around 45 degrees as a high) but it's also supposed to be sunny, thank goodness.

The weather report for Saturday is supposed to be 60 and beautiful, so I think I'll try to fit in another 5-mile run then. I also have to try to piece together the hitch for my Schwinn so X-man's trailer can be hooked up again. MacTroll unhooked it to ride the bike around last fall and never reconnected it. And then X-man did his "move stuff around" thing. Sigh. 

Tonight for dinner, MacTroll made me dinner. It was part of his birthday present to me, so I cashed in. He made me the Cooking Light version of poutine and even bought my favorite beer for me. Tomorrow, we're using up our date night money to send X-man to the Parent Survival Night at the Little Gym. I don't know what we're going to do but we'll be kidless for 2-3 hours and just hang out together. I'm kind of excited about it, and X-man is very excited about having "open gym time" and snack with the staff at the gym. He's developed quite an attachment to Ms. Niki and Mr. Giles.

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