Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Experience

When I flew to Toronto last week I hadn't been on an airplane since my trip to Montreal in August. When I went to Montreal I was roughly 185 lbs and wore a size 12 Gap Long and Lean jeans. I noticed when I got on the little regional jet out of Savoy that I fit better in the seat in August. At my largest I fit into the seatbelt (even when I was 7 months pregnant) without an extender, but it was dangerously close -- and probably thanks to my husband flying me in business class at the time that I didn't have to ask for one.

For the thin people in the world, asking for a seatbelt extender is something a fat person is scared to death of. Mostly because you're afraid the airline will go all Southwest on you and throw you off like they did with Kevin Smith, but also because there's usually only one extender... if someone else has it, and you request it, you've drawn attention to yourself as needing one and then you don't meet the safety requirements for take off. It's also pretty much the walk of shame up the aisle to ask for it, because it's step number one of any 12-step program -- admitting you have a problem.

When I flew in August, I went from having the seatbelt at the very END of the regular connector and having my hips wedged in between the armrests to having 4-5 inches of space and having my hips just gently caress the armrests. It was much more comfortable. I could -- shock -- cross my legs without having to physically lift a leg up and help it over the other one.

This flight, I weighed 156 lbs. I wore my Lucky Jeans size 4/27. And this was what I found:

My thighs didn't touch the armrests. My seatbelt had around 8-10 inches of space at the end of it. In other words, to fit comfortably into an airline seat, you have to be less than 5'7" tall and be around a size 6 or less. How many people do you know that fit that description? And, really, should they? Is there not a more accommodating seat size?

I think everyone should be the person they want to be and love who they are. In my mind, you, dear reader, rock -- no matter what size you are.

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