Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was scheduled to go to iPower for a follow up Vo2 assessment this a.m. Well, let's get this straight, I fasted. I avoided exercise for 24 hours. I didn't drink caffeine or alcohol. I was on time. I did my part. Jeff took my body fat measurements, which were awesome. I dropped to 21% body fat on the calibers from 23% last May. But when we got me all hooked up with my mask, the software crashed -- three times.

So, he called the support line, who told him to send in the history records and to send me home. Bummer for Jeff, because it's totally the busy season.

I tried to run this a.m. without having breakfast, but I couldn't focus. I don't care if the NY Times reports that the Journal of Physiology says that my body burns fat better and my appetite is curbed if I exercise before eating. My brain needs the carbs to will myself to keep going. So, I did a quick 3 miles and came home to my oatmeal and a banana.

Now, I'm off to the shower and then to Decatur to see my friend Captain Patrick for lunch. Twice in 8 weeks, we're setting some kind of record. :-)


Andrina said...

Bah, damn software! Yea for the body fat loss though! Oddly enough, Greg just wrote this week about eating in the morning before exercise -

Quigs78 said...

Nice drop! But I'd be pissed if I fasted for no reason. :P