Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry, Happy

Our three day excursion to Loves Park, Rockford and Peoria is over.

We laughed. My Mom cried. And Lily was an absolute dreamboat in the car and at her first overnights in two different houses and a stop by another one for an afternoon.

X-man opening up his gifts from Santa at Nana's house.

MacTroll checking out snow in a can.

MacTroll and Lily

Nana reacting to the fact that we gave her an iPad 2. :-) Those are tears of joy, by the way. Just in case any of you are anti-Fruit.

Looseyfur and her new oven mitt. And yes, that is the Swedish Chef in the background.

Nana, later, hanging out with Coconut on her new iPad.

My sister.

X-man at my Dad's house on my Aunt Donna's lap reading the Magic School Bus. 

X-man playing with his new Green Lantern play set from my sister.

MacTroll and X-man putting together some pirate Legos from Papa.

Some of the family took a walk after Christmas dinner in Anna Page Park. There Lily ran into her first pile of really old snow. She was perplexed.

Papa and X-man working on more pirate Legos. 

Meanwhile, my cousins, the doctor married to the doctor and the lawyer married to the lawyer were losing terribly to my husband and my other cousin at Ticket to Ride. Don't they all look very adorable when they're concentrating.

After everyone left, Papa and X-man got out the cards and played War.

This is my Dad's dog Zippy. She's being very good at staying out of the kitchen while the giant leftover ham and giant leftover turkey got put away. 

My sister and I got my dad a bottle of Champagne to celebrate his retirement. He's been an attorney in Rockford at the same firm for over 40 years. And as Dec. 31, he's officially moving on. 

It was a lovely holiday. Next year we're hosting all of MacTroll's family at our house. I'm not sure who is going to come yet besides his parents. So we'll see what happens.

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