Saturday, March 24, 2012


This morning I was able to show up for my first 5k in a really long time. I drove over to my alma mater (Millikin University) and met 600+ other people in Fairview Park for a run with John Bingham (i.e. the creator of the Penguin Chronicles in Runners World Magazine). John went to Millikin, too.

Anyway, John's been injured for apparently over a year. I wonder if he's gained weight like I have. I didn't have the balls to ask him. But I was curious.

I have to admit to you. When I went to Millikin, I never really stepped foot in Fairview Park. I went once, to cover a women's soccer game the first year we had a team, after that... I always sent my sports editor or his reporters. So, when the description of the park said "gently rolling hills" I thought it would be like Meadowbrook.

I was wrong.

So, now I know where to go when I want to run hills, steep grades, gentle grades, rolling... because this race had them all. And it had lots of bathrooms, which I like.

It's also the only 5k I know of that awards a medal. :-) And it's really quite a good one to have for someone who is amping up for a fight to get back into her pre-injury, body breaking down form.

See, I told you it was awesome.

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Rayne of Terror said...

You only went to Fairview once? I'm stunned. Did you know the bike trail goes all the way to Rock Springs Park? There's a killer hill by the pool and another just before Rock Springs. Bob & I came across a herd of deer more than once on the bike trail.