Monday, March 5, 2012

X-man the Science Kid!

X-man loves science, and today he received a package in the mail. It had his name on it, so he asked if he could open it. (His birthday is Saturday.)

I said sure and he got his scissors out and opened the box to find a very cool planting set. It's set up so you can actually view the root vegetables as they grow. He was very excited, but he was also very concerned with the nano-size of the seeds. The directions said to put 2-3 in each hole. And he was worried he'd put more in than he was supposed to. So this is him a little tired, but concentrating very hard.

We read the directions pretty carefully and then he set to work making the dirt mixture right and I got the "absorbent" rope in the right places and adjusted the viewing panel and boom -- off he set planting little vegetable seeds.

Check it out.

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