Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Come on Fruit!

Mama needs to buy a new house in California next year...

This news, if proven true, would help greatly in the process.

Every day week I'm at Zillow.com seeing if new listing have popped up in the 95125 zip code and then seeing if the houses magically appear on the map within the 4 streets that define the Booksin Elementary neighborhood. Are they closer to the main street or are they closer to school? Have they been redone in the last 40 years, or has someone just died and or retired and is trying to get the same price for something where nothing has been done as the guy down the street who totally renovated within the last three years?

I know. I have 10 months before my house is on the market. Who knows how long it will take to sell, or if it will sell. But it can't help to look, right? See what's in the area?

In other news, Clawdio got two teeth removed. He's been a much nicer cat and his heart didn't give out while he was under the anesthesia. So that's a win/win. It was 400 degrees outside today. All of my students were red cheeked and sweating.

X-man is very excited about his school carnival next week. But he's torn between wearing his Scooby Cat or his deep sea fish hat for Cap Day tomorrow. Today, he wore his "That's How I Roll" Rollerskate T-shirt that he got from Bubba. He was so happy when he pulled it out of the drawer. :-)

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