Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great Eggspectations

We held our annual egg hunt for our friends today. As usual, people were way more generous than the 12 eggs I ask them to bring. We always do it the weekend after Easter, so we get all the eggs at least 50% off, so people go nuts. There are like 300 eggs and like 14 kids. :-) The rule is -- you're done when your basket is full.

We divide the backyard into two areas: Candy and Non-Candy. It's safer for friends with younger children and for those with allergies. And it works out really well.

You can tell MacTroll hadn't seen PG and Lightning McColin lately.

And it's not a surprise who the first three through the gate were to get eggs. 

X-man put out nearly all the candy side eggs. It's my guess he memorized which ones had the Starbursts in them.

The kids filled their baskets and immediately checked out their haul. This is normally an easier task, but Savoy, which is always windy, had a high wind warning. Everything was everywhere. No tricky hiding this year. If an egg was up high... it got blown to the ground.

I had this basket filled with eggs to put out for the hunt. Maya found it on the kitchen counter and decided she needed to sleep in it. She snoozed all day. Then, the poor thing, had to lift the front part of her body out to eat her dinner... Isn't her life sooooo hard?

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