Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sorta on top of things... Sorta not

I'm an organizer. I really am. I'm not neat or spotless, but I usually have my shit together. But every once in a while my brain totally reboots and I'm a bit lost in the woods. Over the last month, it's been happening more and more. I get dates confused, places confused, people confused. I started calling two of my students by the wrong name. It's a bit odd. This usually means I'm over busy... but it's the last push until summer, so it's not like I can give up now.

I've been planning out X-man's summer. The only thing that's not fitting in right now is swim lessons. He isn't a giant fan of his current instructor, and I can see why. But he doesn't want to go to group lessons. I'm also trying to figure out my own summer goals. They're big. And they will take every free moment that X-man is away at camp, and gym with available childcare when I need it, and probably not just a designated couple hours in the day.

On a good note, the four camps X-man wants to do, I've signed him up for. They're half day programs. He's also feeling like he's outgrowing the Little Gym, so I'm going to bank the rest of the classes and use them for parent night outs. Because he likes the free time, but not so much the classes. I think after being in school all day -- he's kind of had a full day of following directions, so when he gets home, he just wants to chill or play.

And I don't blame him. Same with summer. It shouldn't completely be planned. There should be free time. There should be time to be a kid... and then claim to be bored all day.

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The Fearless Freak said...

Our summer is pretty laid back. MF is doing a week of Girl Scout day camp and wants to be on the Jr. swim team. WF is going to take a comic drawing class and spend a week reveling in the fact that his sister is gone every day.