Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Killing Trees

Flooring Surfaces started working on our living room floor this week. We're pretty much replacing all the carpet in our house (minus the basement and the guest room) with hardwood maple floors.

Here are some before shots... (Don't you like how you can tell where our bed was by the square section that is darker here? It's all cat fur... Maya is happy to model how pretty the fur looks actually on the cat versus in little tufts under our bed.)

The carpet in the living room had gotten so dirty it was brown rather than gray. And we all know how much I am not a fan of earth tones. (Of course, it didn't help that I walked in on Riley, who countersurfs, opening a container of Hershey's Cocoa in the middle of the floor and dumping it everywhere two weeks ago). I vacuumed what I could said, "Whatever, this carpet is outta here anyway."

Here's the work so far in the living room. We also got another 12" piece of slate tile added in front of the fire place. One row didn't make any sense to me (see photo of fireplace above) , but two... two just screams "nice." :-) We also got four more shelves made for each side of the fireplace. You'll see them appear when the painters are done with their part of the work in a couple weeks. 


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

Wow, those wood floors are going to look great!

We just moved and one of the rooms has a cat odor that we can't get rid of (we don't have cats). I think we are going to rip out the carpet and replace it with hardwood of some sort. Did you hire out the wood install? If so, who are you using?

Looseyfur said...

We used Flooring Surfaces in Champaign. Ask for Katie Kemen when you go in. She's a neighbor of ours. We love the floors. We're still waiting on our stain guy to finish the custom stairs (his wife was in the hospital the week the floors got done and then we went on vacation).

Of course, when we got done with them, the whole place is a bit louder. After the painters come and do their thing, we're so hanging stuff up so we don't echo as much. :-)