Saturday, September 25, 2010

A 50 Percent Failure Rate is Successful?!?!

This article came up in my facebook updates today and I really adored it. It's about how fear of failure is what keeps people from doing and trying new things. 

I had more inspirational things to say and life connections to make, but in the middle of the day I fell asleep writing this blog (see how motivated I was?)... and then one of my cats slept on me. And when I woke up I had apparently, somehow, reposted only half of it... and the rest of it was gone. And I had to jump up and go make 2 dozen cakeballs to unleash on the HMD Tae Kwon Do folks.

So, here's the highlight of the Runner's World article so that you, too, can feel a bit better about your life goals and achievements (hopefully), or if you're like me, you begin to realize, that it's okay to strive for things and not quite reach them all the time. It teaches you more about yourself and your goal when you fail. And each time I try, I can honestly say that I'm glad I gave it a shot. 

"This reminded me of some time I spent recently doing some goals and vision work, (try goaltender at–it's great) imagining my life 10 years out, five years out, and one year out. It was a real mind-opener for me. The site explains that failing to reach your goals 50 percent of the time is a good indication that you are motivated and challenged. That was a "huh?" moment for me. Failing 50 percent of the time to me sounds like I'm not working hard enough. Or perhaps I'm not putting myself out there far enough to risk that 50 percent failure rate. Oh. Maybe I'm more willing to write down goals that sound achievable or are at least in the zip code of my comfort zone.
These thoughts collided at Bible Study and I wrote in all caps across the top of my journal "THE VULNERABILITY OF THE TRY." We all do it in some way, we hold back because to try would expose us, make us vulnerable. When we try something new, make our thoughts or goals known, take on a new project or a position of leadership, we become vulnerable. Suddenly, it is stated, for the record, that (fill in your name) is trying (fill in the thing)."
Sound familiar? It does to me...

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The Fearless Freak said...

Totally off topic but was the HMD thing good? MF really wanted to go but I sort of didn't so I kept putting her off about it. When she realizes it was this weekend and we didn't go, she is going to be pissed but at least it is over and I won't have to listen to her beg about going anymore.