Friday, September 24, 2010

Bra measuring is wacky

I've gotten measured for bras several times in the last few years. Twice at Nordstrom's (once after giving birth and once again after losing weight) and twice at Confidentially Yours, a lingerie boutique shop in Champaign, (once when I first moved here and then twice while I was losing weight). Each time the Nordstrom's folks and the Champaign folks are usually spot on in agreeing with one another. I just had to adjust if the bra was padded or not. But the cup and the bandwidth were always the same. The last time I measured was June. I was a 32D. And 32D in Wacoal B.Tempted, DKNY, Natori, etc., fit great.

Today, I got measured at Victoria's Secret, because it always feels like none of their bras ever fit me right using the other stores' measurements. So I figured I'd suck it up and get it done. Where they put the tape was completely different than where Nordstrom's and Confidentially Yours put the tape. VS measured me for their bras as a 36B. She also commented that I had big ribs. (Why thank you?)

And, yes, the bra fit fine. And I weigh the same I have since May.

Can someone explain to me how this makes any sense? I mean, is it just like women's jeans. Who the hell knows? You might be a 2, you  might be a 10, it just depends on who made it and what style they are?


The Fearless Freak said...

Well, I don't know about Nordstroms but it seems like CY always tells people they are some outlandishly large size so you are forced to buy their expensive bras. I know no fewer than 5 people who have been told by CY that they are a G or larger! You sure can't buy bras that big at Walmart so better pony up for the nice ones.

But yeah, I would imagine it is like pants. The more expensive the pants, the smaller the size except reversed for bras. The more you pay, the bigger size you get to claim to be.

Of course, I have no love for bras in general and have managed to find 2 in 20 years of bra wearing that are even remotely comfortable. Now, they just have to last forever. I love shelf bras but I cursed with too large of a bust to be able to wear them and not look stupid. One of these days, I'm going to give up caring (so close, so very very close) and let it all hang out and not give a damn! :)

Julie Murphy said...

Confidentially Yours told me I was a G, but then again, I think they were right. I was a D before I got pregnant, and by the time I needed nursing bras MY GOD had I gotten huge. I found their sizing to be believable.