Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is Clawdio

We adopted Clawdio in November 1998 from Fancy Cats Rescue Team. He was our second adoption there and was around 1 year old when we brought him home. He has always been my cat. He's afraid of men, not fond of dogs or children, but is fine with others of his own kind. He hides from most pet sitters until he's sure they're there to feed him. He's been diagnosed with feline herpes (at his first vet visit in 1998), pancreatitis (in 2005) and a heart murmur (2010). He's awfully cute. 

Why am I blogging about my cat today? Because I realize that in the last few months (since his heart murmur diagnosis) he's been sleeping pretty much solely in my place on the bed. Every morning I get up and go do my morning thing, he's immediately in my warm spot and will stay there all day. (He's our most nocturnal cat.) Anyway, when I come back to bed, he's been standing up, moving a couple feet away, waiting for me to get comfortable and then curling up with me. It's nice, the cuddling. But now, all of his brothers and sisters are following suit. This morning I woke up with a cat on my head, one on my right hip, one curled into the crook of my left arm and one by my feet with his head resting on my left ankle. (And let's not forget the 45 lb, itchy dog who was on his back snoring with a giant elizabethan collar on his head -- he has allergies-- leaned up against my right side. It must be because it's getting colder, and I have no intention of turning the heat on for 50 degree nights. :-)

I was pinned there, by softness. And the looks I got when I insisted on getting up -- It's how I imagine X-man's going to look at me when he's 10. Annoyed, embarrassed and put out... 

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Dana said...

Sprinkles did not appreciate the kick I gave her this morning (accidentally) as I was moving around. She should learn to cuddle closer to me ... and not by my feet. :)