Monday, September 13, 2010

Boredom, with a capital B

I'm playing the role of cheater this week. I'm visiting another gym in the area that is not the gym where I belong. Why? Mmmm. I'm not sure.

For two years, I've been a member of the Fitness Center. I like it there. I enjoy the people, instructors and atmosphere. I like that childcare is included in membership, as are the classes. And they offer a lot of classes -- except, this time around, the schedule is pretty dull around the time I usually work out. Most of that has to do with the fact that Body Blast, my most favorite class no longer exists. I still really enjoy the cycling classes and the Absolute Body Conditioning class, but the way the schedule is this fall, I can really only make two classes a week regularly. Plus, I wish they had a track. But the schedule is full of Zumba, Step and Kickboxing, none of which I'm a big fan of.

So, I decided to follow the instructor of the Body Blast class to the other gym where she teaches, The Refinery. I received a 14-day visit. I toured it once before, but never got the free pass. It helps that I know other people at that gym, and really like them. Four or five other folks I know go there. But let's face it. I'm not a usual gym user. I don't get on a treadmill for 60 minutes or an elliptical. I use it to do some cycling in the winter and some weight training, but I'm primarily there for group fitness. My favorite instructor teaches two days a week. That's two classes. I looked at the schedule, and I'm not really interested in going to Body Pump (a weight training class) three days a week. The membership there does not include childcare (not that I've used the free childcare at the Fitness Center more than once in two years, since I go when X-man is in pre-school).  I was going to go check out the rest of the equipment this a.m., but on my way there, my stomach felt yucky, either from anxiety about going to a new place or about guilt. I ended up driving home and walking with the dog. I LOVE that instructor, but I don't know if I want to pay more for my gym membership, just to see her twice a week. If only the Refinery sold class passes like Mettler does to non-members. Geographically, it's also out of my way. With the Fitness Center, it's right across the street from X-man's school.

Part of me is leaning toward just joining the Savoy Recreation Center. They have all the same equipment, a couple classes I'd be interested in trying that are new to me and the gerbil wheel indoor track. I'd get a discount off of personal training, free child care for even evening classes, that maybe I'd use if I got daring enough to try boot camp, and it's within walking distance from my house. The staff know me there since I ran 2-3 times a week on the track all last winter. And it's a lot more intimate than the Refinery. On the other hand, if I'm unable to run for whatever reason this winter, I'll feel lame being there and seeing a track every day.

In a lot of ways, I wish I wasn't such a lone exerciser. That might make the choice to change easier.

Mostly, I want more cardio dammit.  But I want it to be like cardio class for a 3 year old. I want fun music that I learn to sing with choreography that changes every 3-6 minutes for an hour. I want to bounce around and burn 600-700 calories in an hour. Fun and efficient. I'm getting bored with my current scene, and if I'm bored, I won't go. And I have to keep going.

Want to know what my biggest motivator is today to keep myself in line? It's not willpower, not health -- but a new friend who introduced herself to me in my weight management class. Ms. M. -- thanks for letting me know that you're out there reading. It makes me want to regain my focus on what's really important to me, and what's not. See you next Monday!


Dana said...

Join campus rec! I take classes 3-4 days a week over my lunch break. :)

Looseyfur said...

You willing to sponsor my family? Or I guess I could get Joel to pay his alumni dues... and then we could check it out. :-)

The Fearless Freak said...

Would you consider a video at home? They were talking retro workouts on the radio this morning and someone mentioned Sweatin' to the Oldies. Even if Richard Simons is a little annoying, at least the music is fun :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I made your blog :). I'm glad to know I've given a bit of motivation in return, since you've been, as I said, an example for me. Hope you're having a good week--see you Monday! --Molly

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed greeting you yesterday -- I'll sit at "your table" next week! --Molly

Looseyfur said...

I was so late on Monday! It frazzles me out when that happens. Hope your week is going well!