Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today, I turned 35, and I only cried once. Not because I was 35, but because I was bent over toweling my hair and my child somehow managed to stand up and smack his giant, hard as a rock head into mine. And christ, it hurt. Apparently, enough for a tear or two and some silent swearing as I rubbed my head.

If you know me, and the history of my birthdays, this is a remarkably awesome birthday. Plus, the only one who sang to me was my kid. And, well, that's the kind of personal attention I can deal with.

I know a lot of people freak out as they get older. But in the last year, I've really kind of realized that I just don't have time for that kind of anxiety. I'm me. I try to be a good friend. I love kids, animals and elderly people. I'm neighborly. I'm also dedicated, hard-working and smart. So, you know, I'm going to be okay, no matter what happens in my life. I'm solid. I'm a little disappointed that it took me 35 years to figure that out. On the other hand, I wouldn't trade any of the 35 years in for anything.

I hope everyone else had a great Saturday! Tomorrow the whole family is headed to Upper Limits, again.

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Dana said...

Think of it as his contribution to your hard knock life? ;-)

Happy birthday! I hope to tell you in person sometime soon.