Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hitting the 4-year-old Brick Wall

"Mommy, I really want fairydust. I want to fly."
"Fairies aren't real."
"Because they're not."
"I got an idea! You can go to the fairy museum and get some."
"No, I can't. Fairies are make believe."
"Because someone wrote a story about them, so they're not real."
"Mommy, are princesses real?"
"Yes, some princesses are real, but the Disney princesses aren't real."
"They were made up."
"By who?"
"Walt Disney and his writers."
"What about Neverland pirates?"
"They're made up, too."

I feel like I've been having this conversation for the last 3 hours, but really I've been having it for the last two years. It's just not usually repeated every 30 seconds about a different topic for hours in a row.

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