Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, I picked up X-man at school a little later than our usual 3:45 p.m. Tuesday time. When I walked in he was sitting on the floor watching Ms. Shari play his favorite game (Trouble) with some of the kids. He saw me and looked sheepish.

Then he came forward ever so slowly put out his hand and opened it. In it was a X-man handful of little pieces of white thread. Apparently, he's been tearing apart his socks at school and hiding them under the carpet near his group spot. The teachers caught him doing it today...

My child, who has been told that if he continued would have to purchase his own socks with his allowance, apologized. Then he said, "I keep trying to stop, but I can't. I can't stop. I need help."

I'm going to remember this in case he ever suffers a drug addiction. Or -- more likely if he's like his mother -- a food addiction.

It's a nervous habit, kind of like the nose picking. But he's learned that no kids make fun of him for the sock thread pulling. Instead, it just annoys his mother who loves him no matter what. So, really, it's a much better nervous habit.

How bad is the habit? I've thrown away over 20 pairs of socks since November. He's got three pairs left. So, we'll be taking the $4 and whatever change he has in his piggy bank to Wal-mart so he can buy some more socks. I kind of have a feeling the only solution to this issue will be sandal season.

The happy part of my day was that after two hours of waiting, Carter's delivered our new sofa and oversized chair for our living room. We didn't get anything fancy because we have pets and a kid and well, we're the kind of people who are stupid and spill. But it's microfiber and big enough to cuddle on, which is awesome. Tonight, X-man and I cuddled while watching Kipper.

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