Friday, February 25, 2011

WTF Paris -- Loosey Edition

1. Remind me the next time I'm in Paris to hang out on Rue Malakoff. They clearly know how to party. (Yes, the green container is recycling for the neighborhood.) 

2. Yes. This is sugar to put in my coffee...called Daddy.

3. I know I mentioned it before... but these are churros next to the ferris wheel. In a land of amazing pastry, why must you have this kind of crap?

4. At 35, my boobs don't stand up (not that they ever did). I guess it's a good thing I can get a silk screened t-shirt that will make me look like I'm 20. :-)

5. I'm sure all French people are rushing to Abercrombie and Fitch for a University of Wisconsin Badgers shirt, so they can run out and play American football -- in the spring...

6. I've seen people flock to the movie theater for Harry Potter, but the movie posters don't show anything uber exciting. So why were the four movie theaters we passed at 2:30-3:30 p.m. on a Thursday this packed?

7. This ad for a Wesley Snipes DVD was on EVERY street corner news stand. Why? Is Wesley big in Paris the way Germans love the Hoff?

8. Elvis is everywhere on the right bank near the Louvre. Yes, it's where there are a lot of American Hotels, so I get that they have an American diner with him, the Blues Brothers, etc. across the way from Hard Rock CafĂ©, but this is a store, down a side alley 1/2 mile away that sells only Elvis memorabilia. 

9. I love when the French rename American films. They're so much better at it than when we rename French films. I went to see this movie in the states where it's called, "No Strings Attached," but I like that the French cut through the bullshit and just called a spade a spade. :-)


9. These two go together, because, well, I live in the middle of farm land. And I have to say, apparently, we're doing it wrong. Gentleman Farmers of Illinois, you're supposed to dress like late 1980s early 1990s pseudo preppy college students. You know, that era just after the up collar polo but before the grunge plaid?

10. Why are public toilets in France always closed when I need to use them? And since I'm a tourist, why is it always at all the major tourist attractions, where at least 50 people need to pee every hour?

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