Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chew on the MONKEY!

We have entered the chewing/biting phase of puppydom over here. Our dog has a bitey stage around 6 a.m. and one around dinner time.

She's lost at least 4 puppy teeth, so we keep giving her different toys and bones to chew on. But when she goes NUTS she goes nuts. My favorite when she gets chewy and MacTroll gives her commands she doesn't know yet. She understands sit. Now I'm working on down. And she's getting the idea of come -- when she wants to... But Drop and Leave it... aren't quite there yet. :-)

But she'll try to nip at anything: the fatty part of your underarm, your breast, toes. Oh, and she's one of those dogs like on TV cartoons that wants to take her bones out in the yard and bury them. Seriously.

It's hilarious. I saw her do it in the sandbox, before I retrieved the bone and decided we'd only give them to her when she's crated.

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