Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little annoyances

1. I went looking for Imaginext toys at Toys R Us and they're all covered in dust at the Champaign store from their renovation.
2. My dog needs to grow too big to fit through the cat door because she keeps retrieving "treats." And that's disgusting.
3. I got blood pulled at Carle on Thursday. They called an hour later to say they did it wrong and I had to get it drawn again. I'm apparently made of free time.
4. I made an appointment six weeks ago to get a work physical and a TB test done through the Nurse Practitioner at my doc's office. The scheduler set it up for a Thursday... apparently there's a 48-hour waiting  period before they can exam it the TB result. So, she could complete the physical part, but not the TB test. I guess I should have found that out sooner so that I could have told the scheduler. Or maybe they should put a note in the computer for certain tests so that they can schedule them appropriately. So today, I went and got that done. (Someone remind me to go get it read after lunch on Friday, so that can be out of the way.) Again, Carle must think I'm made of free time.
5. Schnuck's was out of bananas, and I wanted bananas, so I bought some green ones. It's a week later and they're still green. And that freaks me out. And my banana lust has yet to be fulfilled.
6. I've called Disney twice to solidify my flight plans and to make a final payment (deadline is August 16) for the Wine and Dine half marathon that at this point is a pipe dream. Anyway, at the bottom of my reservation e-mail it says to call until 10 p.m. eastern. But that's only for the regular reservation staff. The Sports folks are gone by 6 p.m. So I called back today, and the woman couldn't get me transferred over to the Sports Desk, nor could she find me a number so I could call directly, and then I got disconnected.
7. I had an issue with my IUD. I called Planned Parenthood, but they're short a nurse practitioner, so they couldn't get me into Champaign. So I have to drive to Decatur on Tuesday to get checked.
8. We have a crack in the deck. We've called Concrete Evolutions three times in the last three weeks, and the manager still hasn't made it out to look at the crack.
9. My child won't stop whining.
10. The good news is that my plantar fasciitis is gone. The bad news is I'm suffering from Sural Nerve Entrapment. No cast or surgery needed, but no running allowed either. Just time and hoping.

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