Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink Frankenstein

Our cat Luke got a growth removed from his left shoulder on Friday. He came home with a 3-4" long,  bright, hot pink suture wound. He's resting okay, but he's started to lick the wound. They gave us an Elizabethan collar for him, so he doesn't agitate it, but it's too small. :-( So tomorrow I'm running out to find another one. We won't know what the growth was for a few days.

He appears to be resting comfortably with Nyssa (our cat who had dental surgery on Thursday) in our room and bathroom (His movement is to be restricted for 10 days). She had a broken canine extracted, but she's currently lying next to me purring away. She's on antibiotics, but things in her mouth look pretty good.

I'm keeping her with him mostly so that I can check her tooth hole so that I can see it's not infected and keep an eye on him at the same time. I think Luke likes knowing it's not just him shut up, and Nyssa never complains as long as there's a litterbox, food, a soft place to sleep and ample pets at night. Whomever said cats are clean, never met Luke. He's throwing the litter out of the extra box onto the floor of the bathroom. He pushes wet food off of the plates and onto the floor. He drinks by dipping his paw into the water, licking it and then shaking water everywhere. I think he's just trying to piss me off.

He wants out of the bedroom, but he's happy when I'm in the room lying on the bed. At night we close off the bathroom, and the two cats and Lily are on the bed curled up with me.

Meanwhile, Maya and Clawdio have the run of the downstairs.

As for me, I'm doing okay. I'm walking tomorrow with a neighbor that I've been dying to spend time with, but at the same time, I totally miss running.

On Wednesday, I'll know what's up with my foot (knock on wood) after the X-ray and sports medicine appointment. Mostly, I'm just tired of going to Carle and seeing medical people. Does that make sense?