Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life Insurance

MacTroll and I recently made changes to our life insurance policy. In order to apply for the new policies, we had to go through "physicals." I was nervous because I don't feel I'm in good shape. I hadn't weighed myself since before my surgery four months ago.

The insurance company sends an examiner to your house. They take a urine sample, a blood sample and they check your weight and height and your blood pressure. All of the medical history information is required over the phone prior to the exam. The weight actually was pretty within ballpark of what I was thinking. I'm also realizing that the difference between my high intensity cardio and low intensity is the extra 20 lbs I'm carrying around over my "goal" weight of 165. And my blood pressure, now that I'm not in chronic foot pain is back to being 96/60.

I haven't gotten all of my numbers back yet, but the policy called our Ameriprise guy to let him know that we  both passed. And then he added that we were getting a refund because I'm "preferred." I'm not sure what I'm preferred for, but apparently, I got the good health discount. So hooray.

Then X-man asked what insurance was. So we explained it to him. We all agree we don't want anything to happen to anyone that would require us to use it. :-)

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