Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yee Haw!

We spent three days visiting the Supers in Colleyville, Texas, a burb between Dallas and Fort Worth. It was great to see the kids running around and giggling and to get caught up. The Supers found a very lovely house with giant ceilings, a pool and a nice yard for Cooper to run around in. The girls were very happy and it returning to a land filled with sunshine rather than fierce winds definitely suits them.

While we were there, we visited the Stockyards. X-man got to take in the Longhorns and ride a pony. It was Sunday, so a lot of the country western stores were closed (which made SuperShawn sad) but MacTroll and I took the older kids for cupcakes at La Bella. They gave them two thumbs up.

Then on Sunday night, after we went back to our hotel in Southlake for some quiet time/nap time, MacTroll and I got a special treat. We got to go out to dinner with one of my childhood friends, O. O has lived in Dallas since graduating from law school at the turn of the millennium. He has a "newish" wife, Hil, who is very fun. We met for some Tex Mex in Irving, Texas, and I had more tequila than I had had in a long, long time.

On Monday, SuperShanna, MacTroll and I took the kids to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was warm enough to just wear sweatshirts. We saw a very ROARY lion, some adorable penguins and a lazy, loveable meerkats (among many other animals).

Then we had lunch at Mooyah and played at the girls' favorite park. 

It was nice to get some sun on our faces, even if it was only 52 degrees. It felt like spring, and it was their winter. It's odd to think that in a year, that kind of temperature could be our "winter."

Last night we returned to Savoy where it was a whopping 10 degrees when we got off the plane. X-man was put straight to bed and was dragging a bit this morning.

I'm off to physical therapy and then to workout with Kari, while MacTroll goes and gets Lily from Doggies on the Farm (See the flash of black in the front of the line, that would be ours) and then waits for the home inspection guy to come check out our house. The realtor comes tomorrow to check out our place. And then I have some "finesse" work to get done, now that the house is basically dejunked.

It's hard to believe that in six to eight weeks, people will be going through our home.

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