Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Big Apple

Our house is going on the market sometime in March (or at least that's the plan barring any unforeseen issues). Spring break is also in March. I wanted to go somewhere, but not for too long and not too far away. We read a few weeks ago that a new Museum of Mathematics opened in NYC, and MacTroll and I started talking about taking X-man. MacTroll's been in Manhattan many times for work, but I haven't been since 1999 when MacTroll and I stayed in mid-town. The time before that 1997 when my friend Julie and I stayed in Times Square for a college journalism conference. The time before that was 1978 and my parents lost me (they swear I'm the one who wandered off, but I was two... so, um, I hold no responsibility for that) overlooking the Statue of Liberty to go feed birds with my six-year-old sister. So, you know, it's been a while.

Anyway, we looked into tickets, and they were really inexpensive (what no one wants to go to NYC for spring break? Too many trips to the Panhandle of Florida?). So, we bought our flights and MacTroll is currently surfing around all of the hotel points he has deciding where he wants to stay. I did tell him he needed to be closer to the museum end of things (Museum of Natural History, MoMA, etc.) to keep X-man walking places. So we're likely to end up somewhere near Central Park/Times Square. Since it's a kid-friendly trip, we'll pick up a CityPass. It worked really well when we went to San Francisco when X-man was 3.

He's already asking how big the city is. I told him if we fly over it on our approach to LaGuardia, he'll see something that looks a bit like Coruscant like in Star Wars. But that it would be a lot of walking, some subway taking and that Dad would do his best to find a hotel with a pool.

But we'll be there March 19-23 doing the tourist thing...

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Debra Crabtree said...

NYC is going to be one of our first east coast trips. None of us have been. Let me know how you like the Museum of Mathematics. My family could totally nerd out there