Friday, January 25, 2013

Raising a Jedi

X-man's therapist, April Keaton, devised a new reward system for him. He's currently working his way from being a Padawan to becoming part of the Jedi Counsel. We picked some of our key executive function issues like "Behaving during specials" (meaning Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Mathman) and "Not whining, complaining or generally being rude or grumpy in the morning" along with four other behavioral goals on his list. And he's advancing 1-2 levels a week.

The fun part is, he likes it so much, that he's actually inserted his own "Clone Wars: Jedi General" level, so he can extend the chart longer.

At the end of each level he earns something special. At the beginning of the training Jedi Master MacTroll and I sat down with him to ask him what he thought good rewards were. He picked things like: Make my own lightsaber out of a swimming pool noodle, play laser tag, extra Wii U time, go to the Children's Museum in Normal, etc. We were supposed to play laser tag in Dallas, but that didn't work out timewise, so MacTroll is going to take him this weekend, while I pick up the swimming noodle and some duct tape.

Either way, outside of two outbursts of frustration with technology on Wednesday, we haven't had an uncontrollable tantrum since he became a Padawan. Now at the Master Jedi level. He's doing GREAT!

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Ms. W said...

I really like the creativity and relevance of this idea!