Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy Talk

Tomorrow is Friday. It's the day I grocery shop. In fact, I'll be doing it right after my weekly walk with KTDID tomorrow (which she so graciously allowed me to move to a Friday from Tuesday due to us taking the Black and White Mafia in for their check ups at the vet this week).

And I've been tossing about trying something this week... not buying diet soda for myself. I buy 5 2-liter bottles a week. 3 for MacTroll and 2 for me. I like diet Ginger Ale and diet A&W root beer. But I keep wondering if I should take the bullet and go for a month without it and see how it goes. Neither the GA or the RB have caffeine, so that shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I should try it after we go on vacation next week. Or maybe I should just label it special occasion and black ball it from the house. (I can't entirely because Cherry Coke Zero is my husband's only real addiction, and after a depressing talk with him about how he can't think of anything he'd like to plan for in 2011 to do for himself I'm so not robbing him of the one thing he enjoys in his day.)

But the other part of me says, "Really, it's 4 liters a week. What's the big deal?" Part of my new life choice to try and educate myself about the science of my body has led me to read a log of various scientific studies and articles in the news. And one study that people keep coming back is to the one that links diet soda with a higher risk of obesity. That, and I know I don't drink enough fluids, let alone actual water.

I also think I eat more when I'm actually thirsty these days, especially in this crazy humidity. Since my health educator started a new tracking requirement for class (I have to turn in my food journal to her every week for the next six weeks and I get a certain number of points for other good behaviors that can mean discounts off of products and services.), I'm feeling the need to get my shit back together. It hasn't been completely off, but it hasn't been stellar. I've been slacking.

And Amy the Health Educator knows I'm a complete golden retriever. So she set a bar for me (and the rest of the program) and I want to be in the top five of the overall competitors. I want my damn gold star. Mostly, I want to not feel doughy around the middle again and to get this problem with my back and glutes fixed. (I'm working on it! I'm working on it!)

My reward? To feel in control again.
My big reward if I get everything together? My first half marathon next summer from Ucluelet to Tofino and a stay at a spa. Nice, right? Maybe a couple of days in Vancouver proper by myself and then a flight home. :-)


Quigs78 said...

The idea of giving up Diet Coke is so asinine to me that I can't even click on the link to read the article. Like my finger is physically rejecting the button.

But good luck with that. ;)

Andrina said...

We kicked the diet soda here... I allow it as a special treat if we're out for lunch/dinner etc, but in the house it water and 100% juice only...