Saturday, July 10, 2010

Night Talker

MacTroll and X-man rode the tandem to the park last night. I walked Riley. Then as we were leaving I heard crazy loud music box music. 

"Ice cream man!" 

We met up with him at the corner of Buttercup and Prairie Rose. X-man got an Iron Man ice cream. MacTroll got a Chipwich. (I loved those things in college.)

In the middle of the night X-man woke up and ran into my room. "Mommy, please come sleep with me." 

So I slept in his room for a while. Only to have him wake me up talking in the middle of the night about how he didn't get a cookie last night. 

"You had an Iron Man Ice Cream, remember?" I answered, not knowing if it would actually get through.

"Oh yeah. But we won't get one for the dragon in my room, will we?"

"No. No ice cream for dragons."

"Okay then."


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Leah said...

It must have been the night for it. Sam woke up at 12:45 babbling on and on about how he needs his lunch and how it's obviously morning time, etc..When he does that though, I know he needs to go to the toilet...Sadly, I was so tired I didn't realise it for nearly an hour of me laying there trying to sleep while he babbled ;)