Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big and Busy

Today started a week of craziness. It's not that I have a slew of ugly things to do. Most of the items to do this week I enjoy, but the schedule is so full, I couldn't even sub for anyone at MMO. I work on Tuesday and Friday with the fabulous kiddos at MMO. I am picking up the bookdrop and taking it to the Tolono Public Library on Tuesday. I am finishing up with the personal training I got for the holidays.

But I have a lot of different appointments. I'm visiting one (Stratton), maybe two (if Washington Elementary gets back to me) kindergarten classrooms this week. I've got the first parents School of Choice information meeting on Tuesday night. (Thank goodness my neighbors are happy to watch X-man for me so he doesn't have to be bored out of his mind at the meeting.) X-man starts sports class at Little Gym on Tuesdays, while still going to TKD on Monday and Wednesdays with me. Plus, he still sees Master Hyong for his private time on Friday night.

The president gives his State of the Union Address this week. Whether you like him or not, I'm not one to miss when Obama speaks. His oratory is wonderful, even if he periodically doesn't have the political muscle to move his agenda through. Overall, I find him to be a very smart and kind man, and I'll take those two characteristics in a president any day of the week.

This Saturday, MacTroll and I are signed up to use our coupons at the Upperlimits Rock Climbing Gym in Bloomington. We're dropping X-man off with his grandparents at the Children's Discovery Center in Normal at 9:15 a.m., and then going to our class from 10-Noon. Then we'll have lunch with X-man and the grandparents, and come back home. So that we can make some cinnamon rolls in time to go to a get together with some of our neighbors.

I'm glad that I got my long run (10.5 miles) out of the way at the Armory this morning with my sister. She waited very patiently while I slugged through the distance. I took my first Clif Shot with me. They were little fruit wedges and when I started to bonk, I ate one... and five minutes later, I was all better. But the head cold I've been carrying around for the last four days doesn't help when you're running. Oh, and as a Note -- Nike+, if a person runs 10.5 miles for the first time since last June, she'd like someone other than freaking Tracy Morgan congratulating her. I mean, seriously. Why him? Does he run? Couldn't you pick someone more inspirational? I don't even find him funny.

Tonight, I'm headed to Savoy 16 with some friends to see No Strings Attached. I'm a little dubious of the crowd that might be coming out of BW3, if the Bears Game ends around 5 p.m. But maybe if I stay at the far end of the lot, I'll be okay?

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