Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let the Battle Begin

We ordered a new couch and chair for the living room just after Thanksgiving. It should be here in the next two weeks. In addition, X-man managed to mark his territory on Riley's chair several weeks ago, which was uncleanable through the normal bissell methods, and the chair wasn't worth getting professionally cleaned. Sooo -- we went hunting for a new Riley chair to use either in the office or in the living room (to try and keep him off the couch, so I'll have less vacuuming, since it's a fabric couch).

No dice. Everything was either really just too ugly to look at, smelly or was ripped or stained beyond repair. And then there was the issue of, if we get a fabric chair will X-man get too tired while playing games one day and pee all over that chair rather than going to the potty--again? (I'm guessing this is why gaming addicts wear diapers? Notice the "Frequently Bought Together" pitch from Amazon pairs the diaper with Call of Duty 4. Yeah, I can't make that up.)

Anyway, we found one at Meijer.com that wasn't sold in either of the local stores and ordered it to replace the chair in the office. Then I invested in a large Petmate Durabed to put in the living room. I can leave it in the sunshine for him. But I wanted to put it out there to get him used to seeing it and encouraging him to use it before the couch arrives.

I had a moment of hoorah when he stayed in it for 15 whole minutes this morning -- and then he went back to his spot on the couch, once one of the cats moved out of his place.

Yeah, this is going to be a challenge. But he does look ever so cute. Something wants me to go find some safety plugs for the outlet and put them in there... Not like he has fingers or anything. I think it's just the early education warning light going off in my head. (Small cot next to open outlet = bad and scary.)

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imarogers said...

If I were a dog, I'd totally sit there. Looks cozy to me.