Monday, January 24, 2011

Chores for X-man are Chores for Mom

For the last six months, X-man has had a chore chart. He had seven items that he had to do every day. Some of the items were things like: Pick up toys before bed or Help with Indoor Chores or Set Table. Other items included: Being respectful, No whining, etc. If he got 5/7 items for seven days, he got an allowance.

This week, I went through all the Melissa and Doug suggestions for our store bought chore chart and for the first time, I only used one of their suggestions: Do Homework. (X-man is working on his writing.)

Other items: Practice Tae Kwon Do, Do Not Pick Your Nose, Do Not Pick Apart Your Clothes, Eat 5 Fruits and Vegetables a Day.

Except now, he has to get 4/5 every day in order to get his allowance. Yes, there are fewer items to accomplish, but I've also told him I'm not buying him socks any more if he's just going to pull them apart. So he better earn some allowance or he'll have to go without the rest of the winter... (To be fair, he has 10 pairs left.)

Is anyone else having these nervous habit issues with their children?


Laura said...

I think one time...when mentioning the trouble I was having with H picking her nose...your advice to me was that she would get ever it in time and not to worry about it!

Looseyfur said...

It's totally true. He will grow out of it. But -- he's getting ostracized at school for it by the other kids. So, we're trying to stop the bad habit. :-(

Lindsay said...

He pulls his socks apart? That is one determined kid. Owen is always complaining that his socks "aren't right" are "are on the wrong feet" cause you know, there are correct feet for socks, but he hasn't actually attempted to pull them apart. That might make me pull my hairs out one by one. Ugh, good look, 4.75 is SERIOUSLY challenging. On a daily basis I think to myself, how can my patience be so tried by such a little being.