Friday, January 28, 2011

Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries

Ever since X-man started watching Scooby Doo, he's been obsessed with mysteries, clues and catching the villains. That interest has moved into our chapter book reading. Not only can we read superhero chapter books like Batman and Superman, but his new favorite series are the Milo and Jazz Mysteries. They don't currently have them at Barnes and Noble, but we found them at the Tolono Library. I really like that the series is a boy and a girl working together.

We're just about to start the third book after we finish Capain Cal... and I wonder, if down the line, he's going to be all over Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys like his Aunt Melissa was when she was in elementary school.

For Christmas, he got MacTroll a new Wii game called Guilty Party, it's a bit like Clue. We played the first "easy" round (and by we I mean MacTroll and Me). X-man just liked to watch. We have to go back down and play the harder levels. But X-man was enthralled.

I guess it makes sense. It's why he enjoys Mythbusters. He likes to figure out why things work, how people think and how he can learn more about the world through such discoveries.

I also picked up Stink (who looks a wee bit like a young Frazz) and Lulu and the Brontosaurus, so we're excited on checking those out. But, if you've got any chapter book suggestions for down the line, that would be awesome. I'm pretty versed in the "classics" (i.e. Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, etc.) But the newer kid set, would be particularly helpful.


The Fearless Freak said...

WF digs the A-Z Mysteries. The author also has the calendar mystery series, but we haven't read them. I would venture they would be pretty similar. Also, anything Junie B is a big hit. He also like Edgar and Ellen, although he does those on tape instead of reading them. The other one that everyone loves is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Both kids just love them and since they are a "diary", they are interspersed with pictures so they read super fast.

Tracy said...

Have you tried the Magic Tree House series? A brother and sister travel through time to solve mysteries. Setting include everything from dinosaurs, ninjas, Shakespeare, Civil War.

Dana said...

I would second The Magic Tree House series and toss out the Geronimo Stilton books. Those are on the easy end of "read on your own" scale, if I am remembering correctly, and almost always are mystery-based. "Written" by the main character, Geronimo Stilton, newspaper mouse. :-)