Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that I am currently walking without a limp! So excited. I spoiled my feet today with a pedicure. The Hilton Spa was $70! That was insane, so I found a little place in the office building next store that charged $27. Since I'm in a major metropolitan area, I decided that was quite acceptable.

My feet are now soft as all get out (she did an awesome job on my heels and the callouses on my toes from running) and the massage was lovely.

The bad news is that I forgot the cord to my camera, so I can't upload photos and give you the review of the Ontario Science Center. It'll have to wait until we get home. But I can also give you a review of the Maple Syrup Festival that X-man and I are going to today.

And bad news for me, my kid would rather go to BK for lunch to play in their giant play place than paint with me at the paint lounge tomorrow. I guess that make getting artwork home not an issue (I was going to mail it.)

He's never been to a BK. But I don't think he'll care as long as he can climb.

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