Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Adventures

Tomorrow is X-man's fifth birthday. I'm excited. He's excited. MacTroll's excited.

We're heading up to Chicago to go to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier again. We haven't been there since X-man was 2 and a half. I wonder how that review of mine will stand up to a 5 year old.

That's right, at this time in 2006, I'd been feeling regular contractions for about an hour. I remember being excited because I knew we were getting close. And let's face it, I was a miserable pregnant woman. I was at my wit's end six weeks earlier, so at this point I was sitting up letting MacTroll time my contractions when I should have been trying to sleep. Little did I know he wouldn't actually vacate my body until 24 hours later. Yup, I pushed that giant head and its 10.2 lb body outta me. And doing that once -- was quite enough. :-)

(And, although he's holding up five fingers in that last photo, it was taken a year ago, just after his 4th birthday.)

On Saturday, the whole family is leaving for Toronto for a conference where MacTroll is speaking. X-man and I will return on Tuesday, while MacTroll will fly from Canada to Seattle and then come back home again. But hopefully, we'll at least we'll get some time at the Science Center in Toronto and do some painting at the Paint Lounge in Markham. Plus, they have a pool, and a gym in the hotel with a daycare, so I can get some workouts in. Hooray!

When we return, Illinois will be on spring break, and hopefully the weather will allow us to get on the bike and pedal about. A girl can dream, can't she?

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