Saturday, March 12, 2011

It Could Happen to Anyone

On Thursday at the Children's Museum, I sat down and watched X-man play in the fire fighter area for the third time that afternoon. I stood up to take a photo only to have a small child run into me while I was standing trying to get X-man to look at me.

The child was probably in second or third grade, and he was in firefighter boots that didn't fit him well. Plus, he was excited to be there, so he wasn't looking where he was going. The impact didn't leave much impression, except that his booted foot stood on the top of my left foot with a decent amount of weight and pressure (enough to cause mild discomfort) as he pushed off of it as he moved to get to the hoses to put out a house fire. Then I turned to go back to my bench and my ankle wobbled. It didn't feel like a sprain, because the discomfort and instability was fine on the second step.

It was one of those things that happens all the time when you work with children. X-man used to drive me insane stepping on my feet all the time when he was 3 and the early part of 4.

I remember feeling a slight twinge as I walked to the car that afternoon as we left the museum, but then didn't think about it again until Friday morning when I put my foot on the floor to go to work and felt pain. I limped to the bathroom and got ready for work. By the time I got X-man to school, it was still tender, but it wasn't as terrible as it was on wake up.

The pain is on the lateral side of my foot and runs from the mid-point of the side of my foot all the way to the joint at the base of my pinky toe (or fifth metatarsal). The pain went from a 7 to a 3 over the course of my morning. But now it's 3:35 a.m., and the pain and stiffness of the foot is back. I had a freaking bad dream about it, which is what woke me up. A trip to the bathroom had me hobbling again. The worst part is that other than 30-minute walks here and there, I haven't had a good workout in a week, due to the upper respiratory virus crap that has taken over my family. X-man and I are about through it, but MacTroll spent Thursday and Friday with fever and chills. But it's not like I can blame it on running or biking or a fitness class. It was just some kid in a hurry.

And now MacTroll's fever is down, but he's still congested with the hacking cough that lasts 4 weeks. And I'm all gimpy, and we're getting on a plane to Toronto in 4 hours. I'm sure customs and immigration will love the sight of us.

The foot is not swollen at all, and there is no pain when resting, just stiffness. But walking or massage does make a shooting pain go down the bone of the toe.

Fun, right? I'm sure it's not related to my endless bad luck about weird stuff like this. You know, like running and training all winter and finally getting up enough courage to sign up to do the Illinois Half Marathon, only to have some weird child step on my toe and fracture it or something 3 days after I finally sign up?

But then again, maybe this will deter my bad luck from applying to the Kindergarten lottery, right? :-) Either way, I'll be in well supportive shoes all weekend, and will just take X-man to the pool a lot. If the pain persists, I'll be heading over to convenient care when we return to get an x-ray.


Dana said...

Oy. I hope it goes away soon! Thinking of going to convenient care to have it checked out?

Looseyfur said...

I'm hoping it's just a sprain and that with some RICE, I'll be okay. If it still hurts when we get home, I'll head to CC for an X-ray on Thursday. But dammit, it better not be broken or have a ruptured tendon or anything like that or I'm going to be really grouchy.

The Fearless Freak said...

My mom broke her foot stepping off a curb, into a parking lot. Not running or tripping or anything, just walking to the car. It took FOREVER for her to heal. Hopefully, your's is just a bruise and will feel better soon.

If you fun fast enough, be sure to say hi to the girl scouts at the finish line. We'll be there until 10 with the water bottles.