Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Beautiful -- Go outside

If you're reading this, you better be outside sitting on your patio absorbing some vitamin D right now. It's lovely outside. I did an 8-mile run this morning (Well, okay, there was a lot of walking involved due to that lovely spring breeze, which feels way more like wind when you're out in it) and couldn't believe how gorgeous it was.

And I also know it's not gonna last.

Spring starts on May 1 in Illinois, regardless of what it says on the calendar. You can expect some kind of weird snow or sleet any time between March 20 and April 30. (And mother nature, if it snows on the morning of my half marathon,  you will see grumpy, like you've never seen grumpy before.)

On the other hand, there will also be days like today thrown in among the rain and storms and weird sleet or snow. Last year, I got my garden in before May 1. It was bizarre. A few nights I covered my tomato plants cursing myself for getting into the groove too soon.

But today, today is a lovely day to watch your kids play at the park. Have a picnic outside for dinner. Ride some bikes. Because tomorrow -- you'll be wearing a coat and sleeves again.

Excuse me, while I take my foam roller outside on my patio and work on my sore glutes in the glory of the sun. (Won't the neighbors who end up building behind us sometime in the next year or two be oh so glad for the benefit of that sight!)

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The Fearless Freak said...

My kids were so POed at me that I wouldn't get out the pool and slip and slide. I told them it is going to be 40 degrees tomorrow, I'm not dragging out water toys just yet!