Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life at a Normal BMI -- not about me

Today, I took X-man in for his five-year appointment.  And I wanted to show you a progression.

At birth, X-man was 10.2 lbs and 22 inches. He was off the weight chart on the heavy end and in the 95th percentile for height.

At 12 months, he was 31" and 26.2 lbs. in the 84th and 89th percentiles.

At age 2, he was 35 and 5/8" and 32.8 lbs (82nd and 92nd percentiles).

At age 3, he was 39.5" and 39.4 lbs (90th and 97th percentiles).

At age 4, he was 42 1/8" and 42.8 lbs (82nd and 89th percentiles). 

At age 5, X-man is finally in the middle portion of the curve. He's 44 inches and 45 lbs (67th and 77th percentile). So, it turns out my gentle giant of a baby, has grown slightly above average in the long category, and a little leaner in the lean category. But what's awesome, is that he falls into the normal weight/height perimeter on the pediatrician's scale. On the odd end, the weird blister-like spots he has on his belly (there are about 12 of them), turned out to have nothing to do with his dry skin, and in in fact, related to the wart family. And apparently, doing nothing, is just as effective as trying to use some kind of topical over the counter drug to get rid of them. Sooo, I guess it's good he's not a teenager, and really doesn't care. And he's waiting to see when his white blood cells attack the warts.

Tomorrow, I register him for kindergarten. He's excited. I'm excited. It's all good.


The Fearless Freak said...

I have a friend whose kids get those wart things. As long as he leaves them alone, they should eventually go away. If he picks at them, they will "travel" and never go away. She has had them frozen off of her girls a couple of different times because they are pickers.

Her doctor said they usually come from scraping your skin again something that someone else that had them scraped their skin against, like the side of the pool.

Looseyfur said...

Yeah, the ped said they were a pain to get rid of and took a LONNNGGG time. So we're keeping an eye out, but he hasn't been touching them, so I think we're okay. If they itched, that might be a different story.