Monday, March 28, 2011

The Grass is Greener Across the Street -- Literally!

Today, SuperShanna and SuperShawn put their lovely four-bedroom house up for sale directly across from us. You might have heard my sobbing at 4:30 p.m. as I pulled in the driveway to find that their realtor Stephanie Pratt had put the For Sale sign up in the front yard of their generous-sized corner lot.

The Supers are headed back to the South, where the world is much warmer and all the men address women, no matter their age, with ma'am.

X-man and I are trying to not break down over the change. We're trying to look forward to a nice, new family coming in.

But we've been through so much with our neighbors... We've watched SuperShawn build his own fence. We've admired each other's tulips. We've negotiated sharing of cars and bikes between X-man and Ms. C. We welcomed Baby Bear. We take care of each other's four-legged kids. Seriously, this is a prime example of awesome good neighbors. And we're going to miss them.

That said, if you're out and about looking for a new house in the Savoy area. I can't say enough about the one across the street from us. I promise I won't try to hold you up to the obscene awesome standards that are the Supers. But I promise we're the friendly sort around here. We wave to everyone when we're outside and look out for one another, and, uh, if you purchase the house with the firepit with the awesome sitting wall in the backyard, you totally have to have the neighborhood down for s'mores and to play on the swing set at least twice in the summer.

It'll be worth it. We'll watch your dog for you while you're on vacation or babysit your children. We'll even bring you some beer and a fruit salad to reciprocate. Plus, there's a carnival in the park behind our subdivision every year... which the kids go gaga over. Imagine, a carnival in your freaking backyard! Oh, and you'll notice the apartments next door. Never mind them. We don't ever hear them except on Fourth of July and the last day of Finals. Seriously. It's like they're not there, except they occasionally walk their dogs over here. Very low drama over there that we notice.

Just don't buy it too soon. My son has to figure out who he's going to marry now that Ms. C is flying the coop. I'm guessing Princess K on Banbury best be ready to be the next in line... But he did make me promise that we'd go and visit Ms. C after she was settled in her new abode.


Lindsay said...

What's their asking price? Any idea if they have an online virtual tour?

Looseyfur said...

There's a link in the first line of the blog entry that you can go to for photos. It's $289,900.